Blogger Relations

Since 2011 Panasonic has invited photography bloggers to test pre-sale samples of LUMIX cameras during blogger events. For the LUMIX GH3 Panasonic wanted to encourage the photography bloggers to use both: video and picture function. 

To avoid misinterpretation in terms of advertising, Panasonic chose a project that combined a social cause with spectacular photo and video opportunities. The iPunkt Skateland is Germany‘s biggest skateboard park with over 100,000 visitors per year, located in Hamburg. Due to cut-backs in public funding, the park has to search for sponsors to continue its social work. Hence, Panasonic offered to produce an image film for the skateland, promoting its social projects and importance for the community. In contrast to previous blogger events, the participants received a detailed plan of the event-schedule beforehand. They were informed about their respective tasks for the film, were included in the planning of the storyboard and were also encouraged to ask for any equipment to possibly use during the shooting. Some even brought their own equipment to make sure, they would get the best results.

Before, during and after the event, the participants showed great enthusiasm for the joined project. They were highly motivated to support the skateland, commended Panasonic’s social approach and enjoyed the workshop from photo to video tasks. Panasonic provided all the equipment needed for the film: camera pre-sale samples and professional video equipment to demonstrate the professional approach of the GH3: This camera works perfectly in a professional shooting situation. The professional skaters featured in the film were carefully selected to fit the participants’ needs and to ensure high-quality stills and video takes: As the result will deal as a reference movie for the GH3, spectacular images will help to spread the film and the story behind it.



JDB organized and managed the whole project within three weeks time. The project will hold as a reference project for Panasonic Japan and will be featured on the global Panasonic website.

Projektleitung: Philipp Wolf

Case Studies

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